How It Works

we can help treeWe love what we do – and consistently produce awesome results for our customers. There is no one in the credit repair business that has the depth of knowledge, experience, and analytically skill that we have.  Our uniquely effective credit repair program utilizes a powerful set of tools designed to deliver the best possible results for our customers. Does your credit report need help? We invite you to experience our results-oriented credit repair program for yourself.

Good credit is one of the most important possessions that a person can have in today’s society. Much of today’s world is built upon credit and the ability to finance. Most everyone who purchases a home will be using a bank to handle the financing. Others might even choose to use credit to purchase a vehicle, a boat, or other large items. In some high end pet stores, financing options are available for the purchase of dogs. This should illustrate perfectly the importance of good credit.

It does not matter what you feel or believe about credit scores or any of your negative personal credit issues.  You are increasingly judged by others by your credit score.  Your reliability, integrity, predictability  and ability to manage your life is decided by your credit scores according to an increasing number of underwriters, bankers, employers, and insurance people.

Reasons why

Real Estate.  Buying, refinancing, or qualifying for a mortgage requires income and asset verification with a good credit report.
Bank Loans.  Lenders require a higher credit score not only for a loan but for a lower interest rate with fewer underwriting conditions.
Employment.  Employers increasingly require higher credit scores for confidential or secret government or industry work.
Insurance. Insurance Underwriters working in health insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance and who issue insurance bonds increasingly require higher credit scores.
Small Business Owners.  Many need insurance, bonds, and emergency bank loans.  Without higher credit scores, small business owners have problems managing their business.
Professional License.  Some professions, such as Mortgage Brokers and Bond Lenders require a background check, including credit reports, before they are licensed or hired.

Good credit is simply a nice card to carry around in your back pocket. It is an emergency plan of sorts.  If a large expense ever arises, such as a medical bill or family catastrophe, you will be able to qualify for a personal loan. With poor credit, you would have to struggle with lenders to get the money you need.  Having good credit gives you options to refinance your mortgage.

You need some extra cash. Simply put, it is like having an insurance policy against anything bad that might happen.

Having good credit is an insurance policy that may protect you against any bad things that might happen to you or the ones you protect.  Having good credit is one sure way to save lots of money over the long haul. There is no way to get around financing in today’s credit based society. Those with good credit get to take advantage of the prime rates offered by lenders. Those with sour credit have to deal with the wrath of lenders who are becoming increasingly tight with their dollars. As the real estate market continues to head south, it will become even more important to maintain good credit in order to be able to make that dream purchase.

The most important reason to maintain good credit is for the purpose of purchasing a house. Many people detest credit cards, personal loans, and other forms of credit, but they cannot get around a mortgage loan.  You need good credit to qualify for a mortgage loan. When purchasing your first home, good credit will enable you to make a small down payment and qualify for a nice, low interest rate. Since the mortgage is probably the largest loan that you will ever have to deal with, it is important to lock in that low interest rate. Over the course of thirty or forty years, this will mean the difference in thousands of dollars.

Credit Scores

720-850 – Excellent – This represents the best score range and best financing terms.
700-719 – Very Good – Qualifies a person for favorable financing.
675-699 – Average – A score in this range will usually qualify for most loans.
620-674 – Sub-prime – May still qualify, but will pay higher interest.
560-619 – Risky – Will have trouble obtaining a loan.
500-559 – Very Risky – Need to work on improving your rating.

There aren’t too many things that are more important than your home mortgage, but student loans might be close. Education has never been more important than it is today.  College student loans have traditionally been some of the easiest to qualify for, but bad credit can put you out of the running. If you want to go back to school, or you would like to help your children with their college costs, then having good credit will ensure the ability to get student loans. Since student loans are at a very low interest rate, this will save you and your family thousands of dollars over the long run.

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75+ Credit Dispute Letters to different locations.
Credit Dispute Letters, include, but are not limited to:
Public Records, such as Bankruptcy, State and Federal Tax Liens, Divorce, Repo’s, Foreclosure, Collection issues from Medical, Consumer, Student Loans, Utilities Accounts, Profit and loss Write-offs, Open Collections, Open Charge-Offs, Late Payments History.
Identity Protection Issues.  Issues may include but are not limited to:
Name Variations, Address History, Phone Information, Employment Records, Social Security Numbers, and Credit Freeze.


Cease & Desist Letters to Collection Agencies.  If you have made the mistake of talking with them we help you add Positive Items into each of your improving credit reports.

  1. Secured Installments Loans from Credit Unions and Banks.
  2. Secured Revolving Accounts, such as Charge, Gas, and National Credit Cards.
  3. Utilities, such as Electric, Water, Cable, Phone and Gas companies may report positive credit history
  4. Vendor Letters may result in positive items into your credit report.
  5. Authorized User may result in increased credit scores.
  6. Letters to Paid as Agreed Creditors asking them to report to all three bureaus.

Begin Seeing Results in a s little as 6 Weeks!
Some severe credit scores have increased 200+ points within 3 months!

To Get Your Credit Cleaning Started It’s Only $995.

5 Ways to Pay

Subprime Credit?  Get it fixed!  100 point increase.  Results guaranteed.

How?  100+ credit dispute letters and more positive installment and revolving credit items.

1.            Fee:  $995.00.  100+ point credit score time period varies, typically 12 to 18 weeks, or however long it takes.  Stamps included.

2.            You say you do not have $995.00.   OK, possible solution # 2:  make 3 payments over 18 weeks, $350 + $350 + $295 = $995, and you pay for the stamps.  Estimated cost of stamps:  $60.00.

•             Day 1:  $350.00 + $60.00 = $410.00

•             Day 3:  Sign and mail credit letters

•             Day 45:  $350.00 + updated utility bill + returned credit letters

•             Day 48:  Sign and mail credit letters

•             Day 90:  $295.00 + updated utility bill + returned credit letters

•             Day 93:  Sign and mail credit letters

•             Total Fee:  $1,055.  Time period typically 12 to 18 weeks or however long it takes.

3.            You say you have bad credit, no money and no income.   OK, possible solution #3:  Get the $995 from liquidating assets such as gold, jewelry, vehicle, and collectibles.

4.            You say you have bad credit, no money, no income, and no assets to liquidate.  OK, possible solution #4:  Get your credit repair money from Family members, Friends, Co-Workers, Partners, anyone who has reserves, assets or equity.  For example, a 2nd mortgage in the amount of $10,000 over 30 years @ 6.00% has a Principal and Interest payment of $60.00 per month.

5.            You say you have bad credit, no income, no income, no assets to liquidate, and no 3rd party able to help you rebuild your credit.  OK, possible solution #5:    Make referrals to people who need credit repair and receive 10% as a referral fee.  For example:  6 referrals X $995.00 fee that client pays X .10, 10% referral fee that you will receive when I get paid = $597 which is your referral fee.  In addition to your 10% referral fee, with 6 referrals you will receive (1) 100+ credit dispute letters (2) Re-establish credit; (3) you must also pay for the stamps.  Unless you make: 7 referrals X $995.00 X .10 = $696 and get (1) 100+ credit dispute letters; (2) Re-establish installment and revolving credit; (3) Postage will be included with 7 or more referrals.

Having Good Credit is necessary for (1) Real Estate, (2) Bank Loans, (3) Employment,

(4) Insurance, (5) Small Business Loans, and (6) is like having an insurance policy for protection of anything that can go wrong.